Slow Bus to Poland is a web, film, and video production service, specializing in producing high-quality storytelling for a variety of clients. Our focus is the production of media and the development of content strategies for mission-oriented NGOs and nonprofit organizations, but we can also work for other types of clients, including corporations and individuals. One of our specialities is the production of analog media, using real film stock.

Our two principals come from different backgrounds, and have a range of talents. Here’s more about them:

Michael Filtz

I am an entrepreneurial journalist with deep experience producing video and web content for a variety of organizations. My background is in community journalism: I cut my teeth writing local news and arts stories for local independent newspapers.

My passion lies in producing compelling multimedia content and developing web strategies that, by using journalistically-sound techniques and taking advantage of innovative technology, can effectively and visually present complex ideas to the general public. I enjoy getting to the heart of complex material and data, and then figuring out the most effective way to present it in visual form. I have a master’s degree in journalism from UC Berkeley, have received a prestigious I.F. Stone Fellowship, and have produced media and developed web content strategies for a wide range of mission-oriented NGOs and nonprofit organizations.


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Read about Michael’s father, Dan Filtz, on

Mélanie Saumure

As a documentary filmmaker and photographer, I am continually seeking authenticity, and I want to look at how life could unfold in front of a camera. I take a fierce pleasure in rejecting established structure or in breaking rules, and I will always defend my right to primarily follow my instinct.I am fascinated by what is not seen beyond the limits of the image. In my work, I explore the dimensions and potentialities of the off-screen, and I attempt to render visible the hidden space which lies beyond the edges of the frame — ultimately proposing a visual and tactile cinematic experience. I want the viewer to feel the textures, to be aware of the off-screen space and of the life that lingers in it.

My work is about listening to stories and observing peoples’ lives. It is about depicting movement and rhythm. It is about how to “film the sensation” or “record the fact” with an old Bolex or a Mamiya: and how to translate isolation, loneliness, fear, resilience or devotion in images. It is about how to capture time and to imprint it onto film stock or on a photo negative.

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