[…] j’aimerais sentir en moi un poids qui abolisse l’illimité et m’attache à la terre. Pouvoir, à chaque pas, à chaque coup de vent, dire ”maintenant”. ”Maintenant, maintenant”. Et non plus ”depuis toujours” et ”à jamais”. […] (Der Himmel über Berlin)

moving the gear

We’re getting ready to go to Berlin, which means we have to round up all of our gear and pack it up. This is proving more difficult than we expected, and will probably put us over the checked bag weight limit several times over.

new article published

An example of an article I wrote – and my thinking in creating an informative, journalistically-sound article that can help clients efficiently get information out about their products.

Site Launch

We’re getting ready to launch the new Slow Bus to Poland website. We’re adding content and images, adding features, and developing the site to make it look like we want.