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This video is an example of how we can research and produce high-definition video internationally. Seeking Asylum delves into some topics that are generally NGO-material (sexual orientation discrimination, immigration) in a journalistically-objective way.

Seeking Asylum documents the plight of Iranian LGBT immigrants who are seeking asylum in Turkey. Facing discrimination at home, these refugees had found themselves trapped in a country whose aspirations to join the EU were causing chaotic policy shifts in immigration. The refugees had ultimate hopes of finally reaching a more accepting country like Canada or the United States, but unfortunately, were forced to stay in Turkey for long periods of time while the North American governments plodded through their own immigration policies and quotas. For this video piece, which was funded by a travel grant from the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, Michael traveled to Ankara and Kayseri to interview some of the asylum-seekers, LGBT rights groups, and government officials.


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