Behind the Scenes Photos

Shortly after I got to Berlin almost 2 months ago, as I felt the need to know the film community here, I joined a filmmakers group called “International Filmmakers Network Berlin”. Through it, I had the chance to meet Garry Torrance, a very talented cinematographer and filmmaker. Garry saw my film “Fragments de Corps” and he …

a sunday project

It’s a Sunday in Friedrichshain, and here at Slow Bus to Poland headquarters, it’s time for a new project. Inspired by some local Grimm brothers character statues – who were mistakenly beheaded during a World War II bombing raid and then were subsequently restored, with heads intact – we’re creating our own homage-pastiche-esque fairy tale …


At first it’s just a jot of ink but then it’s a note and finally an entry. A nice time in a coffee shop turns into a beautiful conversation and then maybe something more.


[…] j’aimerais sentir en moi un poids qui abolisse l’illimité et m’attache à la terre. Pouvoir, à chaque pas, à chaque coup de vent, dire ”maintenant”. ”Maintenant, maintenant”. Et non plus ”depuis toujours” et ”à jamais”. […] (Der Himmel über Berlin)