Finding and Remixing: An Animated Music Video

I produced this music video for a friend of mine. Using After Effects, I animated pictures I took of street art and images I found in an old book about the Cold War. I combined these animations with live video to illustrate loss – an astronaut helplessly circles the world as everything he loves is destroyed.

En Mouvement ( In Motion )

one year, 3 countries and 4 different cities. this was our trajectory in 2011. we are now trying to settle down in berlin. things are going pretty well so far. michael turned 34 on may 11th. so i dug through some images we collected over the past year and i “stole” a demo track that …


In 1925, Anatol Josepho, a Siberian immigrant living in the United States, invented and patented the photo booth. A year later, it was in New York City, among the neon lights of Times Square, that Josepho unveiled his new fully automated photo booth — the “Photomaton”. Because they used sensitized paper and wet chemical, no negatives …

video essay: apollo shrugged

This experimental essay combines video combines contemporary footage with sound clips from the 1969 Apollo moon landing to make a statement about the role of technology in our lives.

Interview: Jane Pauley

This is an interview with American television journalist Jane Pauley, produced for the organization Encore Careers. A short video like this can serve to engage a network and build commitment to a cause.